Choose the Best Screen Replacement for Your Phone

The screen is the most vulnerable part of your smart phone. On the streets or inside public transport, it is common to see people with smashed screens or low brightness resolutions that make the eyes strain when checking inbox or reading texts. So, here you are, a victim of a smashed screen of your precious android, windows, apple, or Blackberry phone. How do you go about it? Obviously, you will seek help from a phone screen repair specialist.

phone screen repair

phone screen repair

However, before you do that, there are intrigues in the market that you should know, lest you ended up with a poor product that does not meet your expectations. With many mobile phone repair shops around your area, you are not sure which one offers the best quality product. Here are common types of screens that you should know before you approach a cell phone screen repair center.

The B grade screen

If you do not know, this type of screen replacement is of the lowest quality in the market, according to experts. With a defective rate of up to 60 per cent, the screen comes with many defects such as numerous dead spots on the screen, severe discoloration, and stress marks. When you approach a phone screen repair center, it is important to know what options the shop offers.

In addition to the defects mentioned, the B grade replacement screen also comes with noticeable dead pixels on the LCD screen and most of such screens do not fit flush onto the device as the original screen did. If that is what your repair specialist has in store, it is important to find a fitting alternative because using a grade B replacement screen is like reducing your phone’s brightness by 75 per cent.

The A grade replacement screen

This grade of replacement screen is slightly better than the B grade, with a defective rate of 25 per cent. The main defects of the screen include dead spots on the digitizer, dead pixels. The LCD part of the phone may also get severe bluish spots. In addition, you will also realize that many replacement screens of this grade do not fit as exactly as the original screen from the manufacturer. When you visit a center for mobile phones repairs Parramatta has to offer, take note of this grade to help you make a decision on what you want for your phone screen repair.

The AA grade replacement screen

Commonly known as double A, this replacement screen is the most commonly sold, especially in major online retail stores such as eBay and Amazon. You can find more information about it from reliable centers for mobile phones repairs Manly has to offer. All the same, this type of replacement screen comes with a lower defective rate of just 12%. However, it still has noticeable defects and many of them do not fit flush on the device.

The AAA grade replacement screen

This is the best replacement screen in the market, which you can get from reliable centers for cell phone repairs. For instance, reliable mobile phones repairs Eastwood has to offer can provide this type of screen replacement and more.

Unfortunately, many users buy products that are cheap. Go for the right screen replacement for your phone and you won’t regret. For more info, visit