Whether you’re a hands-on restaurateur or an NER refrigeration unit owner, learning about HVAC systems will reap you some benefits in the near future. More information Refrigeracion NER

Refrigeracion NER


Here are some cool facts about HVAC systems:

Earth advocates – HVAC systems are part of the sets of equipment that help determine the environmental-friendliness of a building. Buildings are graded positively by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) if their HVAC system reaches or exceeds LEED standards. Moreover, mechanics are also instructed to qualify. HVAC technicians from NER Refrigeration are one of those technicians trained in practicing green methods in handling HVAC systems. Click here Refrigeración NER

Commerce life-giver – Where would the bustling commercial areas be without properly working HVAC systems? HVAC systems are one of the core pieces of equipment in commercial establishments. Maintaining HVAC systems is vital in preserving perishable goods and sustaining the businesses’ sanity standards.

Underrated behind-the-scenes giant in healthcare industry – In hospitals, HVAC systems ensure employee, equipment, tool and patient comfort and longevity. According to American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, if you want to avoid a spread of infection in a medical facility, regardless of the size, maintain your HVAC system regularly. See more at http://refrigeracionner.com/