Proud homeowners find grungy tiles a great challenge. Getting untidy tiles clean is not easy and you need to be cautious not to damage the tiles in the cleaning process. You can damage your tiles if you use the wrong cleaning products particularly abrasive cleaners that can harm the tiles and grout surfaces. The method of tile cleaning Melbourne based may vary depending on the material used to make the tiles. Below are tips on how you can clean your kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Ceramic tiles

Providers of Melbourne tile cleaning services advise that it is important to regularly maintain your ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles get dirty very fast thus you should vacuum or wipe them using a soft brush two times every week and of course before you clean. Water is the most ideal cleaner for tiles that are ceramic and can get rid of most stubborn stains. You can use a gentle cleaner depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, or use solution containing half vinegar and half water to give the tiles a sparkling finish. Ensure you use a clean mop. A dirty or worn out mop can hinder you from getting the shine you desire to have.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are stunning when they are clean, but can appear dull and unappealing if dirty. The most appropriate technique of getting rid of things such as soap scum among other residues is using a solution of half vinegar and half water. Put this solution into a bottle and splash it on your tiles. Let it remain for about ten minutes and then use a clean and soft brush to wash the surface. During glass tile cleaning Melbourne based, avoid using hard brushes, which can scratch the tile. It is also important to sweep your glass floor tile everyday to get rid of hard particles, which might damage the tiles.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are very easy to clean. Sweep the tiles everyday using a soft brush or broom and vacuum once every week to get rid of dust. Use a dish washing detergent and water to wash the tiles once a month. Use a gentle mop and let the tiles to air dry. For the best tile cleaning in Melbourne, you can mop with a little vinegar and warm water. To avoid permanent stains, ensure you clean spills immediately before they dry up.


Slate tiles are difficult to clean due to the uneven surface. However, most people like the uneven surface because it adds an earthly feel to their surfaces. Sweep the tiles using a soft brush or broom to prevent any dirt or dust build-up. Use dish washing liquids and warm water to mop or wipe the tiles. You can then air day and avoid rinsing unless you can see any soapy residue.

Cleaning your tiles should not be an uphill task. However, just like any other task, giving your tile cleaning a professional touch can make the whole difference. Hiring providers of tile cleaning Melbourne based can ensure that you get a fresh clean home without lifting a finger.