When you hear the word ‘bed’, the picture which strikes your mind is, you relaxing your worn out body after a hard day at work, school or home in your bed and the sandman sprinkling the sand in your eyes so that you can fall into a deep slumber. With growing urbanization, space becomes a problem. As such looking for furniture which has multitude functions becomes necessary and bunk beds serve this purpose.

The Bunk bed is a great space-saving bed made to accommodate more than a single person. It is commonly known as a ‘double decker bed’ where your offspring can sleep peacefully, using the bed according to their own requirement. A ladder supporting the upper bed frame is used to climb the upper deck. These types of bed generally find their place in hostels, kids room or prison cells.

The members of the bunk bed family are:
1. Cabin bed – This is an assimilation of cabinets and a bed built together. It not only serves as a sleeping space, but also helps in storage.
2. Loft bed – It resembles the bunk bed and has a singular bed frame on the top and a huge space underneath, which can be used to fit your study desk, piano or just for piling up your books.

Certain bunk beds are made in such a way that they can be separated into one bed if the space isn’t constricting you. If the bed is made of metal or wooden rods, this can be used as a multi functional furniture for all the age groups.

With the increasing popularity of the bunk beds, it doesn’t have to be a boring piece of furniture in your kids’ room. You can easily customize to give it a peppy look.


For Kids:
1. For the geek in your house, the bookshelf can be used as a headboard.
2. A cabin bed styled with plenty of drawers and shelves to store the clutter of your child.
3. A Barbie or a fairy theme for your little girl or a sports themed room for your baby can make for an amazing kids’ room.
4. For toddlers, add slides to the bunk bed to make it a fun ride.

Not just the kids, even adults can have cool designs in their bedroom by:

1. Using matched furniture in lieu with the bunk bed to give it a sophisticated look.
2. Using rough wood to give it a rustic look.
3. Adding lighting and colors to give it a contemporary feel.
4. Adding curtains to the bed to make a personal space for yourself.

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