Painting is always high on the list when it comes to home improvement projects. It is the easiest one you can undertake, yet improves the look of your home spectacularly. But when you attempt to go DIY, house painting can be a very daunting and time-consuming task. This is why most homeowners prefer to hire the services of house painters Parramatta contractors to do this job for them.

House Painters Parramatta

House painting is a fairly straightforward process. There are no technicalities involved like other home improvement projects. However, workmanship quality matters a lot in achieving the perfect results when painting a house. The main steps involved in residential painting include choosing the right paint color, buying the right type of paint, preparing the painting surfaces, choosing the best tools and finally, applying the right painting technique to achieve your desired look.

Does it sound like something you can do with relative ease? It should. If not or if you do not have the time to do this because of your busy schedule, then you may opt to hire house painters Parramatta contractors who are both professional and reliable. If you are planning to go DIY though, ensure that you have set the right amount of time for painting. This is not something that you can rush through. Otherwise, you will not achieve your desired results.

As an estimation on the amount of time that you will need for painting, an average room that measures 4m by 5m will take you up to 6 hours when adding a single coat. The same room will take you anytime from 2 to 3 days when painting from start to finish. Furthermore, this underscores the need for subcontracting your painting work to professional house painters in Parramatta.

Choosing the Right Color

This is a very important step when it comes to house painting. This is an opportunity to impose your personal tastes and preferences with the chioce of color. Paint color trends, like fashion trends, do come and go with seasons. Thus, it is important to give this a serious thought and consideration. You do not want to go for a color that will run out of fashion and bore you out quickly.

It is also important to work with so-called “safe” color choices such as white and cream. House painters Parramatta contractors can advise you accordingly on this.

Selecting the Right Finish

The type of paint you choose for your home will influence the type of finish that you will need:

  • Bedroom and Living Areas: For the walls, choose a low sheen or a flat acrylic style if these are in a bad shape. For the ceilings, choose a flat acrylic ceiling paint. For the timber trims, you can apply a gloss acrylic trim, a low sheen, a semi-gloss, or an oil-based enamel.
  • Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms: For the walls, go for low sheen acrylic paints. Semi-gloss acrylic paints are also manufactured with mold control additives. You can apply the same for ceilings.

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