Here is the story of this land as told by the Book of the Legends. Many years ago The Dark Wizard tried to occupy The Free Lands. He was defeated by a hero and life in the kingdom continued as nothing had happened. But then the situation changed, the kingdom of Free Lands expanded and got more plentiful but at the same time the Castle Kings directed that plentiful income into building new castles and villages, forgetting the importance of a strong army.

But the evil was not sleeping. At the same time as the Kings and Majors were retiring their armies, the Dark Wizard had been building his dark army and attacked The Free Land again. This time his magic was too powerful. He cast his spells on The Free Land and enslaved many people with his magic. Now the Kings and Majors ask for your help. You need to defeat the Dark Wizard, who lives in the Dark Castle at the north-western corner of the Kingdom. The stone path goes there from the King’s Castle. Follow the road and you will be there. Good luck!

The sequel of the popular Quest of the Hero game is finally released! The game is a mix of turn-based Heroes of Might and Magic kind strategy and RPG. There are lots of improvements and additional features in the game engine. The major of them are:

Absolutely new amazing graphics. New terrains including snow and desert, redesigned monsters, battle background pictures, new interface.
10 additional maps by TheCartographer.
Places to visit such as castles, towns, gates, creature hire places.
Ability to buy/sell any creatures.
Spells and battle magic. There are lots of spells which have different strength and level.
Quests, which could be called by Castle Kings, City Majors and other characters. Complete them to get some more experience and gold.
You will find some special items during your quests. They could be weapons, magic books or amulets that increase (or decrease!) the battle attributes of some of your creatures. Special items may affect only certain type of creatures. They are stored in your bag, or you can save them on the castle’s chests.
RPG style of adjusting Hero’s characteristics when Hero achieves higher levels.
Ability to store and play multiple maps, each with their own set of save games. Using the Quest II MapEditor, third parties can create and publish their own maps running on the Quest II engine.