When you wish to buy a printer for your office or home, you would be surprised to see the varieties of printers being offered by Kyocera, HP, Epson, Canon and several other reputed manufacturers. Each of these manufacturers has introduced several printers with varying features. At the same time, the manufacturers also promise to provide effective after sales services. Manufacturers like the Kyocera have introduced a unique after-sales service which is popularly called as Kyocera Fleet Service (KFS). This is actually a Kyocera printer service which enables the technician to interface remotely the entire process of repair.

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Emergency call:

It is needless to say that every office and business enterprise makes extensive use of printers. Any snag in the functioning of the printer will affect the routine works in the office. Such a situation can even lead to cascading effects on the working of other departments in the office. In such a situation, you will be making an emergency call to a firm which offers Kyocera printer service.

Second visit may be necessary:

In the normal course, the technician will arrive on the spot after a few hours, and he will make a detailed examination of the printer. If you have not given proper details on the issues with the printer, then the technician may not comprehend the actual problem in the machine. In such cases, after arriving at your office the technician will make a detailed examination of the printer. At that time, the technician may find it necessary to replace certain spare parts. Then he would come to your office again along with the necessary spare parts. All these take a considerable amount of time and ultimately it can severely affect the work at your office.

Remote interface technology:

In order to avert such a situation, Kyocera has introduced its unique ‘Kyocera Fleet Service (KFS)’. The unique feature of this service is that as soon as you call a technician from any Kyocera printer service centre, the technician will access your printer through his computer. He will remotely check the various parameters in your printer and if necessary, he will make necessary adjustments, again remotely. Despite such adjustments, if the problem persists, the technician will make further assessment of the problem using the remote interface technology. This will help the technicians which provide PRC Kyocera printer repairs to locate the actual cause of the malfunctioning of the printer.

Quick service at no extra cost:

Now, the technician will visit your place armed with all the necessary spares and other gadgets. Such same day Kyocera printer repair service will help in putting the printer back in action in the earliest possible time.

Cloud Technology:

In order to ensure effective working of Kyocera printer repair services, the firms use Cloud technology which is found to be very effective. This application software is extensively made use of by mostly every Kyocera repair service centre.

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This interface software is developed in house by the Kyocera, which has enabled the manufacturers to provide effective after-sales service to every customer. Naturally, there have been several positive reviews about the prompt after-sales service. Not surprisingly, Kyocera has recently won the Business Technology Association (BTA) Choice Superior Performance Award.